Our Story

Coming from a life of addiction, Pastor David found new life in Christ.

Pastor David Vernoy with his wife, Noelle, and their two children; Lily and Theo.

Pastor David Vernoy with his wife, Noelle, and their two children; Lily and Theo.

Pastor David Vernoy's passion for ministry to those struggling with addiction stems from his own experience of addiction and redemption through Jesus Christ. Born to a mother who was a prostitute and addicted to heroin, David grew up in dope houses until he was six then was taken away from his mother and passed between family, boy's homes and foster homes. As a young man, David began his own struggle with drug addiction and ended up in a cycle of incarcerations. In a Christian treatment facility in 2000 he surrendered his life to Christ and started his road to recovery.

The addiction wasn't broken in an instant though as David continued to cycle between following Jesus and relapsing into addiction for a number of years. After his mother died of heroin overdose, David became serious about his recovery and sought to live a Christian life. He became a faithful church attender, became a licensed minister, and met and married his wife Noelle, who is also a licensed minister. David recognized the call of God to provide a safe place for other recovering addicts to be held accountable and cared for.

Because of his past, David has a unique ability to minister to those who struggle to accept their identity as children of God after dealing with addiction. So after much prayer and guidance, Pastor David, Noelle, and their two children, Theo and Lily, moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 2014 to start Redemption Road. Every step of the way, the Vernoys seek to follow the will of God and bring Him glory.

David's Testimony


Our Team

Pastor David Vernoy, Founder and Ministry Director

Noelle Vernoy, Marketing & Events Director

Samantha Jangula, Women’s Ministry & Office Management



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